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The Women’s Star Trek – Discovery Operations Officer Uniform includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pin


It’s not the most glamorous of jobs on a Star Ship; it’s not the engine room, flying the ship or firing on the enemy. It’s not transporting to the surface. But Operations is a critical part of keeping the ship ready and at optimal performance – for without a working ship, we’ve got a disaster in space. So, Lieutenant, it’s time to suit up.

The strong dark blue uniform will convey authority and your quality as an officer as you fit this lined shirt to your form. The high neck collar, the zipper that pulls to your throat and the gold lap concealing the zipper are a pleasure to wear. Hold your arms across your chest and feel the gloss of these gold embossed stripes and Star Trek patterning under your fingertips.   Straighten the bright gold 3-D Star Trek icon on your chest, noting its smart design. Glance at yourself in the mirror and see proof of what you’ve believed all your life … that you’re officer material!

You’ll be ready to go forth into an uncertain future, as you’ll see it from the decks of the Starship Discovery. Take that experience to your next fan expo or game con, get ready for the start of Season 2 of the television series or assemble your crew for a Star Trek themed event of your own. You’ll never feel as dressed for space as you will in this ensemble.