Operations Officer Male Uniform Jacket - Star Trek Discovery

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The Men’s Star Trek – Discovery Operations Officer Uniform costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pin


The ultimate hands-on control of the starship falls to the Operations Officer, who oversees every conduit and bolt of the ship’s design, including the helm, transporters, shields, computer, sensors and the distribution of power aboard ship. It’s a complicated, troubling job and requires the highest degree of organization and management imaginable. It’s not glamorous, but if the ship isn’t one-hundred-percent functional, we may all be dead in minutes.

This blue uniform shirt supplies the authority that a quality officer deserves when walking the decks, making sure everything is humming along. The shirt is lined for extreme comfort and zips up to the chin with a fine silver zipper concealed behind a silver lap. The gold stripes on the uniform’s shoulders and sides provide a glossy, superior sensation, just what any officer needs to command. With your magnificent 3-D gold Star Trek pin on your chest, stand proud. You’ve risen far in the ranks, the ship is in your hands and you have the skill to keep the crew alive in a crisis.

Aboard the USS Discovery, it is an uncertain future, full of twists and treachery. But you’ll put on a good face when you visit the planet to look over a fan expo or Star Trek themed event. Be ready to explore the reaches of the next Halloween party you attend and when you’re ready to cosplay with the rest of your crew.