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The Women’s Star Trek - Discovery Command Officer Uniform includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pin


Michael Burnham of the Star Trek universe is the most unique character ever for a Star Trek lead.  She’s not a captain, but rather a command-grade officer who has led a difficult and complex existence, as described by the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.  To achieve her goals and follow her moral instincts, she’s had to break the rules and overcome both enemies and traitors in order to endure.  As you don her uniform, it will be up to you to rise to those same nearly-impossible standards - but to be a commander, that’s the territory.

The dark blue stretch-to-fit cloth that creates the uniform’s shirt includes a rich lining that makes the garment a privilege to wear.  Gold stripes emblazon the design, with five upon each shoulder, and a second skin of glossy gold rib-hugging scales cleverly made from the Star Trek logo.   A gold zipper with gold lap draws up to the collar, high upon the throat to just under the chin.  To complete the outfit, the 3-D rendered pin carries the weight of command in the palm of your hand.

Ready yourself for adventure upon the planet surface as you explore Halloween parties and Star Trek themed events.  Wear the uniform proudly at any game con or fan expo.  Add a phaser belt or tricorder for the full effect.  Get ready to go where no one has gone before.