EarthMMO x The Costume Shoppe

Calling all adventurers!!  Calgary-based AR gaming studio EarthMMO is lauching the the start of a continuously evolving game world that offers endless adventures year-round!  With new content and challenges added regularly, there's always something fresh and captivating waiting for you!

Our fantastic team here at The Costume Shoppe have Partnered with the team at EarthMMO to help bring you the most immersive experience they have to offer!  Not only do we outfit their team and actors with the costumes needed for their events, but we also have hundreds of Fantasy Themed costumes and accessories for players and event attendees to purchase as well!


Click the image above to be taken to their Linktree Page where you can follow them on their Social Media, play the game iteself, and register for their hosted events!!

You can also have a look at just a few of the items that we have available for purchase.  Click HERE to see our entire selection!