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The Women’s Star Trek – Discovery Science Officer Uniform includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pin


With the fallout from the Mirror universe and the command structure in tatters, this is your best opportunity to wear the command uniform of your favorite Star Trek Discovery science officer. Suit up as Michael Burnham and face the challenges of the Klingon Empire emerging from its century of isolation and the discovery of a new propulsion technology. Any Science Officer would be tested to the very limits.

As an elegantly stitched dark blue uniform sure to tantalize, the costume shirt is wonderful to wear, with an inner lining that gives the shirt weight and a feel of strength. With embroidered shoulders, the shirt is enriched with embossed silver stripes and Star Trek patterning along the torso’s sides. A bright zipper with silver lap pulls up to the chin with uniform-giving style. The bright silver 3-D Star Trek icon pins to the chest.

You’re sure to draw remarkable praise as you appear at any fan expo of Star Trek, or at a game con of any kind. This sensational shirt is a thrilling choice for a Halloween party, or for a special airing of the new season of Star Trek Discovery in January 2019.