Science Officer Male Uniform Jacket - Star Trek Discovery

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The Men’s Star Trek – Discovery Science Officer Uniform Jacket costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pin


Assume the broad responsibility of coordinating the science department of the USS Discovery, including descents to the planet surface as the leader of an away team. Remember always that it is a science officer’s job to “Have a better idea” – so sharpen your observational skills and power of speculation! The ship may depend on you.

This jaw-dropping shirt is sure to fascinate every onlooker, yourself included. The uniform with inner lining is a pleasure to wear, offering a feel of weight and the strength of command. The shirt is dressed up with embossed silver striping on the shoulders and a Star Trek-style pattern on the torso, to match the design from the Star Trek – Discovery TV Show. Featuring a silver lap, the bright stylish zipper pulls to the chin. The 3-D icon pin, rich with detail, completes the costume.

Lead your shore party to the nearest fan expo or game con as you meet strange cultures and risk the chance of being abandoned on the surface by a dangerously unbalanced captain. Add a phaser or better still, a tricorder to take readings of whatever you find. Any planet surface is dangerous; be sure to prepare yourself for whatever happens.