Mehron Tooth FX Colour - Black

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Give your smile that black touch this Halloween with this Black Tooth FX special effect without using the thick black wax.

The Black Tooth FX comes in a 7 ml bottle with included brush, making it much easier to use. To use, apply it to a completely dry tooth. You will have to apply a thin and even layer to the tooth and let dry. If not enough add another layer as necessary. It does has a strong mint flavour so it doesn't taste as bad as others may. It is easy to remove because the product is alcohol soluble. Use a swab with isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe the tooth clean or brushing hard with toothpaste (might need to do it a few times).

Take your costume to the next level with this great Black Tooth FX for your Halloween costume or fun event. Great for a Hillbilly, hockey player or playing a prank on everyone.

**Do no apply to dentures or other dental work.