Mehron Gold Tooth FX Colour

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Get the luck of gold with this fun and easy to use Gold Tooth FX special effects for your teeth. 

The Gold Tooth FX special effects comes in liquid form in a 7 ml container with included brush for easy application. First start with a completely dry tooth and then apply a thin and even layer of liquid and allow to dry. If necessary or too thin, repeat the layers until desired effect is achieved. The Tooth FX does have a strong mint flavour. It is alcohol soluble so it can be easy to remove with isopropyl alcohol. Or sometimes we find brushing vigourously works as well, it just might need to be repeated. 

This Gold Tooth FX effect is great for adding that something missing to your next costume for Halloween, photo shoot or theatrical presence. Great for Leprechauns, or Gold Diggers too. 

**Do no apply to dentures or other dental work. 

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