Mehron Nicotine Yellow Tooth FX Colour

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Feeling a little yellow? Give your toothy smile that special touch with the fantastic Nicotine Tooth FX touch without the years of smoking. 

The Nicotine Tooth FX special effect comes in a 7 ml container with easy to use the brush included. The dirty yellow liquid is applied to a completely dry tooth. Apply a thin and even layer and allow to dry. Repeat another layer if necessary. To remove, the product is alcohol soluble. Use a swab with isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe the tooth clean or brushing vigorously with toothpaste. These may be repeated as needed. The Tooth FX does have a strong mint flavour to it.

This Nicotine Tooth FX will take your next costume or theatrical presence up the next notch. Perfect for Halloween, zombies, older people or whatever you can imagine it to be. 

**Do no apply to dentures or other dental work.