Mehron Spinach Green Tooth FX Colour

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I think you have a little something in your teeth? Get into the tooth fun with this Spinach Green Tooth FX.

This Spinach Tooth FX comes in a 7 ml bottle with a dark green liquid. It is safe and easy to use with a non-toxic base. In order to put on, the tooth must first be dry. Using the included brush apply a thin, even coat and allow to dry. If needed, repeat for a really dark look. The tooth FX is alcohol soluble so use a swab with isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe tooth clean or brushing vigorously with toothpaste. Repeat this step if necessary. We also found that it has a strong minty flavour as well. 

This Spinach Green Tooth FX will give your costume that extra special touch. Great for Halloween, photo shoots, zombies, witches or playing a prank on your friends. 

**Not recommended to apply to dentures or other dental devices.