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  • Childrens Ninja Costume | Ninjas | Childrens Costumes


Get ready for stealthy adventures with our Children's Ninja Costume, the ultimate ensemble that'll have your little warriors ready for action! This costume is so ninja-tastic, it's like a black belt in imagination, ensuring your young ones are the masters of playtime. Whether they're sneaking into the night, embodying the spirit of ancient warriors, or just adding a touch of Ninja flair to their day, our Children's Ninja Costume is the key to making their playtime as epic as a martial arts showdown. So, don't just play pretend; "karate-chop" into action with this children's costume because when it comes to dressing up for adventure, we're here to make your kids the ninja heroes of their own story!


  • Black Hooded Shirt with Golden Dragon Design
  • Pants
  • Face mask
  • Belt
  • Arm and Leg Bands

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