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Stealthy, sleek, and super cool – our Ninja Children's Costume Kit is the ultimate attire for little warriors in training! It's a one-way ticket to ninja excellence, featuring a mysterious black hood, a powerful belt, and matching arm cuffs to complete the look. Your child will be ready to sneak into action at costume parties, Halloween events, or just for imaginative play around the house. With this kit, they'll be 'shinobi' the life of the party! Watch as your young ninja perfects their martial arts moves and showcases their covert skills, all while looking stylish and ready to 'swords' it out with fun. This costume kit is a must-have for every pint-sized protector of the night. So, gear up, embrace the shadows, and let the ninja adventures begin!

This costume includes:

  • Black hooded shirt
  • Matching pair of pants
  • Black waist sash
  • Matching black face scarf

Don't forget to grab your ninja weapon!

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