Children's Beautiful Blue Mermaid Costume

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The Child Beautiful Blue Mermaid Costume includes:

  • Dress


Once getting into this mermaid costume, your loved one will think your whole house is the sea, as they swim from room to room in a state of bliss.  They’ll turn the sofa into a giant clam and your bedroom into the forest of the sea witch … or wherever else their imagination might take them.

The bright teal dress is fabricated of satin printed with adorable sea images, with a torso of stretch sea-blue, with sea flowers.  The bikini top, sewn into the costume, is dressed with gold organza and a white star made of sequins.  Beautiful blue organza sleeves float voluminously over the arms and create the neckline of the dress.  Beautifully designed, the fish fin skirt below the knee gives the complete impression that the wearer is a real mermaid.

Once they’re done with swimming around the house, your youngster will be interested in swimming to a friend’s house for a playdate or costume party, then about the neighborhood next Halloween.  Certainly, a fun choice for any child’s Tickle Trunk.