20s Charleston Black & Red Fringed Flapper/Gatsby Dress

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The Red and Black Charleston Flapper Dress includes:

-Fringed dress

-Cross over spaghetti straps

The fringed red and black Charleston dress screams 1920s. Tight fitting, sleek, super short, and shimmery, you’ll bring back flappers in this dress. Featuring a zipper up the back, crossed spaghetti straps, and lightweight stretchy material, this dress is both practical and true to the era. This dress fits true to size, but is a bit stretchy as well.

The Charleston flapper dress is made of a black stretch material with a decent amount of give to it. It will hug your hips nicely and the red and black fringe will sway when you dance. The dress is super short, only going to mid-thigh, so the less bold may want to pair it with flesh coloured tights. The straps are thin and silky, and cross over in the back to give a bit of support in the front. It has a gently curving V neckline that isn’t too revealing. This dress is all about legs.

The zipper is sewn in very nicely to hide its edges, so it’s not glaringly obvious. Watch when you zip it, because the fringe can get caught. This flapper dress is so 1920s it hurts, so it would be prefect for any 20s themed event. It’s classy enough that you could wear it to a decades style night at the club as well. Make sure to accessorize! Gold bangles would contrast fantastically with this Charleston dress.