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The Jazzy Charleston Flapper Dress includes:

-Black and purple sequined dress with diagonally cut hem

-Long sequined detached gloves

Want an outfit that screams 1920s? The Jazzy Charleston Flapper Dress is what you're looking for. Patterned in sparkly black and plum sequins, lined inside with silky material, and a bit more modest than some other flapper dresses that are available, this dress is great for any themed event! It comes with adorable sleeves that loop over your fingers and sit snug around your upper arms to complete the look. Available in the sizes listed above, and very true to size, select your preference above.

The Jazzy Charleston Flapper Dress is a gorgeous and fantastically made gown in the style of the 1920s. The dress is fitted around the waist and breasts and slightly stretchy for the best fit. It has an over one shoulder strap and then a sloping neckline to just above the left breast, and it sits snugly and comfortably. There is a hidden zipper up the left side to make it easy to slip into. The bottom hem is cut on an angle to counter the neckline and hangs to the knee on one side and the upper thigh on the other.

The gloveless sleeves are held in place via an elastic loop around the middle finger and pull up into place around your upper arm. They're fairly roomy and transparent between the sequins. The upper band is elastic to hold the sleeves in place.

This costume is one of the more modest flapper dresses but still stunning. It will showcase your legs with no effort. This dress would be great for 1920s parties, Halloween, themed club nights, and with tights you could wear it to a themed office party.