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Ladies Flirty Flapper 20s Costume includes:

  • Chemise
  • Dress
  • Hip Scarf with Brooch

Get a little frisky at the speakeasy and draw the attention of all the men in attendance with the Ladies Flirty Flapper 20s Costume!

This costume is made up of three parts, starting with the Chemise.  It's a simple straight black, light polyester fabric that has a half elastic on the back side around the top to help keep it up.  The chest area is loose and designed to simply sit in place.  The Dress is a lace-like fabric and design with attached bows on each shoulder, and hanging decorative pieces all around the bottom of the dress, giving it a little more wight, but still comfortably light.  The Hip Scarf is deceivingly long, so you'll be able to use this in plenty of ways to make the costume work.  On the end of the scarf is a bow and attached to that is an ornate faux jewel decorative brooch that also has a pin closure on the back, allowing it to be taken off the scarf and used elsewhere, or to help make your scarf stay in place.

Pair this up with a 20s Gangster costume and go for a thrilling night on the town, head to a Halloween party, classic 20s party, or other themed events!