Veronique Red Sequined Fringe Flapper Dress

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The Adult Veronique Red Sequined Fringed Flapper Dress includes:

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They used to say in the 1920s that the best thing a girl can be is exciting, full of life and knowing her own mind … well, they didn’t, but they should have done. This gorgeous dress would suit any flapper who was ready to break precedent and carve a place out for herself.

Featuring a beaded and sequined outer shell with a hem of black fringe, this fabulous dress designed in sincerely sinful 20s-style Art Deco is the bee’s knees. Highlighted by a crimson red chemise that underlays the dress, you’ll feel drenched in beauty once you fit your body into this sultry arrangement. Cubist patterns will draw the observer’s eye up and down your body with almost indecent delight. Be sure to wear this if you’re ready to break the bonds of Victorian propriety.