Theatrical Renaissance Prince Costume

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Renaissance Prince costume includes:

  • Brocade and panne doublet with gold trim
  • Boot covers with gold trim
  • Vinyl crown

If you want to hit the Renaissance fair as a member of royalty, this detailed prince’s costume is perfect. The Renaissance Prince costume is sure to impress.

The Renaissance Prince costume includes a beautiful doublet made of a brocade fabric. The fabric of the costume in the picture does not reflect the actual costume. The brocade fabric is a pale green color with gold details. The doublet is trimmed with gold and burgundy details. The shoulders of the doublet are padded at the edges to add to the character. The sleeves are panelled until just below the elbow with a soft burgundy velvet material. The doublet fastens in the front with a zipper. The boot covers are a dark brown faux leather with gold trim. They have elastic bands at the bottom to secure them to your shoes. Topping off the costume is a gold vinyl crown that features red and blue faux jewels. The crown fastens with Velcro and is adjustable.

The Renaissance Prince costume is great for any medieval or fantasy themed events and Halloween. This costume could make a good start for a King Joffrey costume from Game of Thrones for Halloween.

*Pants and toy sword not included*