Slytherin Harry Potter Knit Brim Cap

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Most of the Wizarding World takes a long time to adapt to contemporary times. While Muggles are out and about using cell phones and enjoying fashion on the cutting edge, kiddos at Hogwarts and wizards checking in at the Ministry still tend to look like they are stuck in the last century. But you're a different sort. You can combine the magic of the old ways with the fast-paced life of tomorrow! It is no wonder that the Sorting Hat put you in Slytherin, since you're not one to be held back by tradition. Now it's time to show off that Slytherin style!

Items Included
  • Cap
Product Highlights
  • 100% acrylic
  • Knit brim hat
  • Embroidered Slytherin patch sewn on the side
  • One size fits most