Serpentine Goddess Medusa Costume

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Medusa costume includes:

  • Medusa dress
  • Matching cuff
  • Snake headpiece

A mesmerizing set of eyes tied to a stone cold heart. This Greek Mythological Medusa Halloween costume is even great for Toga parties.  

This Medusa costume is a long dress that zippers in the back. The under layer is various shades of green and black. The over layer is a green, yellow shiny mesh material. Both have tattered ends that start at about the knees. The front of the dress is darted with gold thread. The bust gathers in the front. One sleeve is a gold applique ribbon and the other is a strap with the green mesh coming off it with little gold detailing. The arm cuff is rubber with a snake and green like scales in the background, elastic bands keep it on. Last but not least to finish this Medusa costume off is the snake headpiece! It is made out of rubber and is twisty and turny. On the front there is a painted red jewel and the snakes are goldish with snake heads at the end. 

This seductive Medusa costume is a different take for your Greek themed parties, plays or Halloween.