Rock, Paper, Scissor Group Costume

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  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Group Fun Costume
  • Rock, Paper, Scissor Group Costume
  • Rock, Paper, Scissor Group Costume


The 3 Costume Rock, Paper, Scissors Set includes:

-Foam rock with fabric shoulder harness

-Foam lined sheet of paper with fabric shoulder harness

-Padded foam scissors

Looking for a themed costume for three people that's super simple yet awesome? Look no further. This three costume set has everything you need. Simply unfold the rock, paper, and scissors, strap them on, and you're ready to go! Soft and flexible foam holds its shape, yet bends easily if you need to sit down or bust out some crazy dance moves.

The Rock costume is foam that has been dyed, not silk-screened. Your rock won't peel or chip over time. It will hang from your shoulders via the attached harness and cover your chest. The harness is fabric so it can be tied smaller as needed, and it has a Velcro strip to hold it still in the small of your back.

The Paper costume is the same as the rock for the most part. Dyed, not silk-screened, so it will last a lifetime, and patterned as a piece of lined loose-leaf, the paper costume is excellent. It hangs lower than the rock, to the low thigh or knee, and straps on with the same harness system as the rock costume.

The Scissors costume is special. The handles of the scissors are padded and the blades are very shiny. It has no harness. You simply stick your head through one finger hole, an arm through the other, and you're ready to party. You can also wear it with both arms through the holes. The holes are large and flexible so most heads will fit.

The rock, paper, scissors costume set is great for any event that requires a costume. Halloween parties, themed office parties, frat parties, any event you can think of, these costumes will stand up to it. You'll need to supply your own pants and shoes, and you can definitely accessorize with hats and glasses, too. Other than that, everything you need is in the bag.

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