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Were you born in a hidden village? Have you trained yourself to show no pain, feel no emotion and remain true to your codes, even unto death? Perhaps all you need is the appropriate wardrobe … a black set of clothes, with scarlet wraps and ties, would be just the thing.

The black shirt features scarlet boards on the shoulder and like trim on the cuffs and lapels. A matching belt ties the shirt around the waist, giving it style as it hugs the wearer’s waist. Each sleeve includes a crimson tie, for wrapping the upper arms. Matching black pants feature similar lacing ties for the pant cuffs. The face mask fits in the back with an elasticized strap, concealed by the costume’s black hood.

An excellent choice for stalking out on Halloween night, taking your friends and your enemies alike by surprise. Wear to the anime festival Otafest, or any game con or fan expo. Practice the art of standing perfectly still, to disappear entirely and be invisible. Add a katana sword or like weapons to complete the effect.

The Ninja Assassin Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Hood
  • Mask