Sexy Medusa Costume - Plus Size

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Medusa costume includes:

  • Medusa dress
  • Medusa tiara

This is an awesome Greek gorgon Medusa costume. This is a two-piece costume with a dress and tiara. The dress is lovely soft velveteen with black fine mesh hanging sleeves. The sleeves start from the top of the shoulder straps, partially cover the upper arms, and fall open to the floor. There are golden armbands attached that hold the sleeves in place from the upper arms. The dress has a low v-neck and gold trim. The gold trim is also attached at the waist and can be wound around and ties up to create an elegant silhouette. The long dress has a slit up the side of the leg. The tiara is soft plastic that wraps around the head with elastic. The design of the crown is of snakes curled around a red jewel. This costume can be worn for Halloween, a Greek mythology costume party, or other Goddess and monster costume ideas.