Hot Dog and Bun Couples Costume

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Hot Dog and Bun Couples Costume includes:

  • One bun costume
  • One hot dog costume

*Note: Costumes fit most adults. Pants, shirts not included.

Hot Dog!... That's a nice set of buns!

This great package includes two costume! Each are a poly-foam material and is easy to slip on. The Dog and Bun Couples costumes are both soft and flexible. The Hot Dog costume is a reddish coloured foam material with a sewn on piece of yellow fabric down the centre of the front of the costume to resemble mustard. Pull the Hot Dog costume down over the head and shoulders so that your face is showing through the cutout at the top of the Hot Dog costume. Your arms simply pop through the cutouts at the sides. The back of the costume is a flexible material, not the poly-foam as the front. What hot dog would be complete without the bun? This Hot Dog Bun costume is as soft and plush as the Hot Dog costume. It's a light brown colour. Each side of the costume acts as the "bun" while a centre strip of white material. Slide this costume over your head and shoulders so your face is in the centre of the cutout. Arms pull through the cutouts on the side of the bun. The back of the costume is a matching brown fabric while the buns to the side and front are ploy-foam. The bottom of each costume is open and doesn't impede any movement or walking. 

The Hot Dog and Bun Couples costume makes a fun and hilarious addition to any Halloween party or event! Go with a friend or take your partner!