Green & Purple Witch Hocus Costume

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The Women’s Evil Green and Purple Witch Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Wig


There’s something positively delicious about being a rich witch, one who can afford to dress herself in haute couture.  Naturally, the practice of witchcraft, with the magical skills it possesses, empowers any woman with the resolve to achieve extravagance.  Admit it, if you could change the fates, you’d dress as wealthy as sin.

The rich Green and Purple faceted dress provides the very height of garish conceit.  With a multi-layered mystique, the dress starts with a satiny purple blouse that hugs the bust.  This is sumptuously dressed with a mouthwatering green-and-gold embroidered jacket, drawn together with purple sequins and golden-braid crosshatching across the front.  A shimmering, satiny indigo-blue skirt hugs the hips and shows two bronze buttons with startling detail.  The magnificently heavy velvet green kirtle drapes all, with high collar, long sleeves and purple sequined embellishments.  Finally, a waist of voluminous purple satin gives elegance to the hips, with yet another layer of purple sequins to finish the garment.

A masterful orange wig, fashioned to rise high above the head in two points suggesting malevolence and vanity, demands the onlooker to fix their eyes upon the beautiful witch that compels them.  Mere mortals are helpless before such an ensemble.

Stake your claim upon the hapless soul of your machinations, or else attend a Halloween party gregariously for a change, well aware that you can upset the cheery going-ons with a snap of your fingers.  It is delightful to be a witch.  Add a wand, a staff or jewelry as it suits your whim.