Red & Brown Hocus Witch Costume

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  • Women's Patchy Red And Brown Witch Costume
  • Red & Brown Hocus Witch Costume


The Women’s Patchy Red and Brown Witch Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Wig


There’s something in being a good witch that calls for a simpler existence, a return to nature and a pleasant outlook. It’s a happier lifestyle, a pleasant lifestyle – and if one appears a bit shabby, well, who can we dress up for in the wilderness? Expensive clothes are hardly the right thing for working in your herb garden or chasing your kittens through the briar patch. Anyone knows old clothes are best for brewing potions in a hot, steaming, spattering caldron.

We have just the look that’s right for you. The lovely country-wear dress, with bright orange mesh sleeves, includes a velvety red bodice with orange fringe and red ribbon lace up front. Gold rings adorn the dress waist. Overlaying the brown gingham skirt of the dress is a burlap-like apron, with front patches, plus a bedraggled patterned skirt beneath. And then, concealed under all, the hem of a red satin chemise gives a hint that you’re not all that you appear.

Included is a remarkable black and purplish wig, a sign of your unusual nature and character. You’re sure to be taken as a witch at heart when you appear in this ensemble.

Cheerful and fun as a choice for a witch costume this Halloween, or for any event where you’re in charge of youngsters. A great teacher’s choice for classroom costume parties. Add a broom, wand or pointed hat to create a more complete vision.

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