Blonde Hocus Witch Costume

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The Women’s Lavish Blonde Witch Dress Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Wig


This is your opportunity to command powers beyond mortal understanding, whether for good or evil. There’s no question about it: you’ll be ready to cast magic in this costume and you won’t make bones about it.

Delicious with gypsy overtones, the dress is rich with purple, gold and crimson, as dazzling as you will be once arraigned and ready for spellcasting. With an open neck-line and nipped-in torso, the dress waistline features an inverted-V, providing elegance and a whiff of seduction in the mix. Colored flowers festoon the front of the bodice, which laces at the front with a cream ribbon. The dress sits off on or off the shoulder as the wearer desires. Lace purple arms grace the sleeves to the wrists.

The skirt at the front features a crushed, glittering fall of dark crimson, highlighted by crushed gold panels that fall from the left and right hip. Dressing the hips and the back of the skirt is a wash of plush purple felt, sumptuous to the touch and senses. The luxurious blonde wig features curls, spilling to the top line of the dress.

A delightful choice for dressing Halloween night, or for any fun costume event this year. Add jewelry, broom or a witch’s pointed hat to complete the outfit, or even eerie contact lenses if you dare.

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