Deluxe Clown Afro Wig - Red | Clowns | Wigs

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Get ready to clown around with our Deluxe Clown Afro Wig in vibrant red! This big-top-worthy wig is perfect for adding a burst of color and whimsy to any costume. Whether you're bringing laughter to the circus or just want to stand out at a costume party, this afro wig is your ticket to fun and frivolity. It's big, bold, and bursting with "hair-larious" style. Plus, it's comfortable to wear, ensuring that you'll be the life of the party without any wig-induced worries. Embrace the wig that's "afro-dable," "afro-tastic," and all-around afro-tastic!"

  • Made of 100% synthetic hair
  • Elastic-edged mesh cap
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