CLEARANCE - Children's Captain Marvel Kree Suit Costume

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The Children’s Captain Marvel Kree Suit Costume includes:

  •  Padded jumpsuit with 3D molded star logo

  • Belt with molded buckle

  • Mask

As a soldier of your great AI leader, you know your imperative orders and code. If an empire can’t defend itself it only makes sense that it deserves to be defeated… right? In this Children’s Captain Marvel Kree Suit Costume you can question your allegiance to your supposed race and either follow or disobey your orders. The jumpsuit included in this costume has padded sections to create realistic looking armor and muscled, and a 3D molded star logo is affixed to the center of the chest. Raised sections on the suit create the illusion of armored sections, and these are colored in either black, silver, or a metallic blue. A molded belt and buckle match the jumpsuit, including the mask which is a metallic blue with sections for the eyes and hair. The Children’s Captain Marvel Kree Suit Costume is the perfect outfit for the Captain Marvel fan in your life. Perfect for Halloween night, dress up parties, birthdays, and more!