Children's Captain Marvel Hero Suit Costume

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The Children’s Captain Marvel Hero Suit Costume includes:

  • Padded jumpsuit with 3D molded star logo

  • Belt with molded buckle

  • Mask

Now your own entity separate from your Kree past, in the Children’s Captain Marvel Hero Suit Costume you can use your extreme powers for the good of earth! This stunning jumpsuit is padded to create a stronger representation of muscle and armor. Raised molded section add more to the illusion of armored areas, and these sections are coloured in red, blue, and metallic gold to create Captain Marvels iconic look. A molded belt and buckle blends into the jumpsuit while worn, and a matching red mask has see-through areas at the eyes and for hair on top of the head. This costume is great for the Captain Marvel fan in your life and can be worn out on Halloween night, to themed events, this years comic expo, and more! Show everyone what you can really do, who needs the Avengers, right?