Children's Slasher Clown Costume

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The Kids Slasher Clown Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Mask


As a maniacal clown, you’ll be merciless, unforgiving and terrifying as you stalk your villains. With a mix of the theatrical and the hilarious, you’re sure to produce a terrifically gory appearance with this costume on a night out trick-or-treating.

Not for the squeamish, the Slasher Clown features black and cream stripes throughout the costume jumpsuit, spattered with blood as only a slasher villain at work gets for the trouble. The costume features death’s head skulls, plus a wide neck ruffle in black and white. Three pom-poms and suspenders add to the feel. Black sleeves end in ragged cuffs, matched by the pant cuffs. The mask has a truly hideous appearance, with bulbous blood-shot eyes, a wide mouth filled with rotting teeth and attached hair, all ornamented with grotesque clown make-up.

A special costume for the child ready to be truly frightening this Halloween night, with a gritty appearance ready to exploit the existing fear of clowns that ‘s already out there. Add the weapon of your choice, from axe to machete, to get the most horrifying effect possible!