Children's Deluxe Licensed Solo: A Star Wars Story Chewbacca Costume

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The Kid’s Deluxe Licensed Solo: a Star Wars Story Chewbacca Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit with belt
  • 2 Hand covers
  • 2 Boot covers
  • Mask with goggles


From Star Wars adventure to adventure, Chewbacca has always been right there at Han Solo’s shoulder.   With an early history of defending the wookie planet Kashyyyk from its enemies, “Chewie” is tough, resourceful, immensely strong and the most loyal of allies, whatever the situation.  When called for, expect Chewbacca to let loose a deafening roar before attacking with his blaster or his powerful fists.

The jumpsuit for the Chewbacca costume features soft felt cloth, colored to match Chewie’s multi-colored fur, splotched and matted from dark grey to bright orange.  The combat belt of the uniform, plus a shoulder bandolier, is sewn into the jumpsuit, creating a single costume piece.  Depictions of Chewbacca’s weapons and pouches are also included.  Fur hand covers conceal the wearer’s hands, while matching foot covers conceal the wearer’s footwear.  Chewie’s look from the 2018 Han Solo film is depicted with Chewbacca wearing a pair of exceptional goggles.

Make an appearance as Chewbacca for Halloween this October, for costume events and all sorts of parties.  A fun cosplay choice for any Star Wars movie opening or for visiting a fan expo or game con.  Blaster sold separately.