Batgirl Lego Movie Children's Deluxe Costume

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Kids Batgirl Lego Movie Costume includes:

  • Lego Minifigure tunic with textured pouches
  • Detachable wavy cape
  • Rounded Lego Minifigure style mask
  • Pair of hands with easy access finger holes
  • Purple and yellow pants

Be the toughest, fastest Lego hero with this Batgirl costume for kids.  The chestpiece is fabric and foam and holds its shape while also being flexible enough to dance in.  The included C-shape gloves come with a space in the middle so your child can get his or her fingers out for emergencies like candy or scratching their face.  

The Batgirl Lego Minifigure tunic is made of lightweight fabric and foam, giving the illusion of a plastic cube piece.  It is flexible enough to bend if accidentally (or intentionally) walked into a wall.  The sleeves are long and blend perfectly with the yellow C-shaped gloves.  The gloves have elasticy wristbands and slide over the sleeves.  The pants are stretchy and light with purple and yellow coloring and an elastic waistband.  The mask is vibrant purple in the basic Lego Minifigure shape with bat ears and a mask.  The eye holes are mesh that only works one way, so your kid will be able to see really well but people on the outside won't be able to see in unless they get really close.  The mask is held in place with a black elastic, and the chest has velcro around the neck for optimal fit.

Great for school events, plays, or costume parties.  Lightweight enough to wear indoors all day, but easily padded out or layered for cold Halloween nights.  Your little one will look adorably super in this Lego Batgirl costume.