Children's Batgirl DC Superhero Costume

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Batgirl DC Superhero Girls Kids Costume includes:

  • Hooded shirt
  • Pants
  • Eyemask
  • Wings
  • Gauntlets
  • Belt

Hone your detective skills in the Batgirl costume from DC Superhero Girls!

Officially licensed, this Batgirl DC Superhero Girls costume comes as a two piece costume with four different accessories. The shirt of the Batgirl costume is a deep blue colour with circuitry-like light purple designs on the front. The fabric of the shirt is almost a metallic-like material. The sleeve cuffs are gold metallic and the attached hood also has a gold metallic trim. On the top of the hood is sewn on bat ears. Down the back of the Batgirl costume shirt is open and has a strip of Velcro at the top to help close. On the front of the Batgirl costume shirt you'll find the iconic Batman and Batgirl logo with a yellow embroidered outline and filled in with sparkling gold glitter! The pants that come with the Batgirl DC Superhero Girls costume are easy to put on with an elastic waist. They are all black and are made of a lamé-type material. Down the outside sides of the pants are a small line of metallic gold.

If you're going to be Batgirl, you're going to have to hide your identity, so the Batgirl DC Superhero Girls costume comes with a black foam eyemask. A black elastic sits around the head to keep it on. Also included are Batgirl's wings. They are a black foam kind of material that has a stiffness to them. There is a larger shape that sits close to the back with pointed ears and the classic Batman and Batgirl logo sits over top of that, complete with the wings. Two soft, adjustable straps will slip over the arms like a backpack. Batgirl's golden gauntlets, which come with the costume as well, are foam with Velcro strips to fasten once wrapped around the wrists. They are golden and glittering. Finally, Batgirl's utility belt. While not actually functional, this belt looks just like Batgirl's from the DC Superhero Girls series. Soft foam belt wraps around the waist and fastens with a strip of Velcro. On the centre of the utility belt is the Bat symbol. It's a medium gold colour with light gold detailing which makes it look a little more 3-D. 

This Batgirl DC Superhero Girls Kids costume is a fun and different way to dress up as the iconic character to have fun this Halloween!