Joker Children's Deluxe Costume

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  • Kids Deluxe Joker Costume
  • Joker Children's Deluxe Costume


The Kids Deluxe Joker Costume includes:

  • Top with attached jacket and coattails
  • Pants
  • Headpiece
  • Squirting flower

Has your child ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? As a parent, you’d certainly hope not, but with your youngster in the Deluxe Joker Costume it certainly seems appropriate! Help your youngster take on a classic villain this Halloween… just don’t be surprised with chaos ensues.

This four-piece costume set is vibrant and charming, made to the likeness of the original Jokers outfit! The top is mainly made of slightly stiff polyfoam material, used to create a 3D illusion of the jackets layers. These layers include the jackets lapels, the attached green tie, and the orange vest with fabric buttons. Both the sleeves and the extended coattails are made of a more spandex like material, but blend into the rest of the costumes printed design. The printed design consists of purple with black stripes, of which is duplicated on the included pants. These pants have attached grey boot-tops, made in the stiffer poly foam which slips over top of regular shoes through use of an elastic band with Velcro tabs.

The headpiece is a stiff polyfoam piece shaped to create the silhouette of the Jokers infamous hair. The printed design creates shading and highlights using different shades of green. Lastly, as the final piece to the ensemble a squirting flower accessory can be attached to the left lapel through use of an elastic band and attached loop. This squirting flower is made of plastic and includes a red hand piece for the wearer to hold.

This Kids Deluxe Joker Costume would make a perfect gift for the young DC fan in your life! Great to wear to your local comic convention, down the street trick or treating, or collaborating with friends for casual play! Why not grab a buddy and dress them in our other Batman themed costumes to make a bigger entrance? 

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