Beer-Maid Oktoberfest Long Dirndl Costume

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The Ladies Long Beer Oktoberfest Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Choker
  • Puff Sleeves
  • Hair Clips

Why not dive into Bavarian culture and pay homage to the infamous annual folk festival by wearing the Ladies Long Beer Girl Oktoberfest Costume! All you’ll need is a tall drink and your good looks!

This four-piece set is beautiful crafted with vibrant colors and a long extended skirt which falls below the knee. The dress has a sturdy built in zipper down the back and features thick black straps, each with a red floral flourish stitched into the fabric. Across the chest there is a blue elastic band hem with a red bowtie leading down into white fabric with slight ruching. Underneath, the bodice of a corset is created through a band of black material that conjoins to the back of the dress. Two short lines of ribbon, with blue edges and a strawberry vine pattern, sits below the chest connected to loops in which to lace up midsection. Around the waist there is a sash which is sewn to the front but is unattached in the back in order to create a large bowtie.

Connected to the sash is a dangling square apron with matching ribbon edges and a bottom ruffle. The body of the skirt has two layers, a red see-through lace top including a ribbon hem, and a matching red slip with two blue stripes along the bottom. A pair of puff sleeves to be worn unattached from the dress and above the elbow is included in the Ladies Long Beer Girl Oktoberfest Costume. Each puff sleeve has blue elastic bands to be placed over the arm for a perfect fit. As the final accessories to complete the ensemble, two bow-tie hair clips and a ruffled choker add just the right amount of flare.

Wear the Ladies Long Beer Girl Oktoberfest costume to your local Bavarian festivities or outshine your friends and family on Halloween night! Pair this costume with a large lollipop and a wicker basket to transform in Gretel with your own chosen Hansel.