Antoinette Green & Black Peacock Flapper Dress

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The Adult Antoinette Peacock Sequin Flapper Dress includes:

  • Dress


Fall in love with this dreamy flapper dress, perfect for any Speakeasy in the 1920s or for a dalliance with the millionaire of your choice. Be careful of getting pursued in this, as you’ll be playing with fire just putting this dress on.

Designed with a spectacular Art Deco peacock motif, the dress features a peacock head represented in gold sequins with black sequined beak. Gold sequins then supply a downpour of feathery ornaments, each with a bright teal-blue heart, with similar ornamentation all down the front. Lines of gold sequins adorn the dress’ back, dipping to the saturate the hem with peacock-green fringe. All this is fixed upon a translucent outer dress, with a black chemise beneath.