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Get ready to groove with our 80s Fanny Pack in Green, the raddest accessory to kick your costume game up a notch! This neon wonderland of a fanny pack is not just an accessory; it's a time machine back to the era of big hair, bold colors, and epic dance moves. Strap it on, and you're instantly transported to the neon-lit dance floors of the '80s. It's the ultimate stash spot for your essentials, ensuring you're always ready for the next dance-off or flash mob. With vibrant green hues that scream "totally tubular," this fanny pack is the must-have accessory for anyone ready to rock the retro look. So, sling it around your waist, hit play on that cassette deck, and let the nostalgia-filled dance party begin!

Includes 1x Fanny Pack with Adjustable Belt, and features the words "Rockin' The 80s"

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