Twisty the Clown, American Horror Story Officially Licensed Costume

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The Men’s American Horror Story Officially Licensed Twisty the Clown Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Mask


True, it has been hard to find work as a clown these days, particularly since your untimely death, which has forced you to wander with your cadre of ghostly freaks for all eternity. As Twisty the Clown, it’s true you might be a little slow; it’s true you’re a bit crazed; it’s true you blew off your lower jaw with a shotgun. But in spite of that, you’re very, very motivated to kidnap and kill people. Yes, that’s the word. Motivated.

The Twisty the Clown costume includes cream pants and top, both stained and smeared with greenish dirt stains and grime. A battered rose, plus one red and one yellow pompom, dresses the front of the clown’s shirt, which is further embellished with a double collar with red satiny border. Twisty’s freakish mask, that conceals the damage done by the shotgun, fits in place with an elasticized strap.

You’re sure to terrify with this costume collection, whether you want to venture forth for Halloween or any Horror-themed festival. Add a failed balloon animal, a rattle or a wind-up robot toy, if a store clerk’s head is not available. But we sternly advise to keep far, far away from children.