Creepy Clown Dress Costume | Horror | Womens Costumes

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  • Women's Creepy Dancing Clown Costume (ALT)
  • Women's Creepy Dancing Clown Costume
  • Creepy Clown Dress Costume | Horror | Womens Costumes


Inspired by Pennywise from the IT movie!

Create an unsettling character with this ominous two-piece Creepy Clown costume, just the sort to prove that you’re a different sort of girl. If you enjoy making another’s flesh crawl, you need only add a pair of torn stockings, a bit of demented make-up and the brutal weapon of your choice – a machete, baseball bat, axe, whatever works!

Featuring a somewhat grubby gray-cream color, the dress includes a pinstriped bodice, puffed shoulders and striped sleeves. Three sad fuzzy red pompoms adorn the dress front, from neckline to high waist. A gauze petticoat gives the skirt body and a spreading shape, with lace protruding from the dress hem. The dress closes with a zipper. A lace cream yellow collar, fitting with an elasticized band around the neck, closes with a single clear button.

Wear for Halloween or any scary costume event. When Halloween night arrives, it will certainly be the time to disturb a few quiet souls with a touch of the macabre. Mix and match with other items to give your boss at work a reason to feel menaced … it’s all in the spirit of the holiday!

The Women’s Creepy Dancing Clown Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Collar
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