Sadistic Horror Killer She-Clown Costume

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The Woman’s Sadistic Horror Killer Clown Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Skirt
  • Collar


Dressed up, you’re so playful, so much fun, so ready to frolic and pursue a little mischief … the only trouble is, the games you play are murderously deadly for those who make the mistake of misreading your intentions. But that’s fine. There are always other playmates out there, waiting to be discovered!

Your clown costume has suffered some wear and tear during all this time, with the striped cream-and-crimson dress showing signs of dirt and black rips, plus slash marks. No problem. If your two pompoms look a little tired, the white gauze featured on your sleeves is still quite fetching, as is the white crinoline with red hem included with your striped super-short skirt. The cream pants also have four pompoms each, and more crinoline around the ankles; and these fit with an elasticized waist, which you’ve learned is comfortable when swinging a machete or axe. All of this is only heightened by the matching crinoline and striped collar, which fits with Velcro … it’s all part and parcel of one wonderfully high-spirited and perky clown!

If you find yourself ready to poke a friend this Halloween (really, you didn’t mean it to go right through!), this wonderful ensemble is sure to make the message clear. I mean, what’s wrong with a little gore, right? Feel free to add a machete, an axe, a slaughtering hook, whatever. The range of fun little goodies makes such a delicious choice for spreading a little good humor around. All over the carpet.