Super Sized Featherless Boa - 5 Colours!

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As a vibrant, salt of the earth type person you go out of your way to be an individual without overpowering anyone else. With a Super Sized Featherless Boa you can maintain your individuality and bring joy to those around you, carrying a flurry of colour everywhere you go! These beautiful large boas are crafted from synthetic washable material that is both super soft and cruelty free, making it not only good for your style, but also good for the environment! You can say goodbye to MOOP (Matter Out of Place) at festivals and fall in love with these feather alternative accessories, of which are also machine washable for convenience and re-use. With five different colors to choose from there is a matching boa for every occasion! Try pairing a Super Sized Featherless Boa’s with your fantastic feather ensemble, or keep it tucked away for Burning Man so you can strut your stuff with confidence. Also great for casual parties, themed events, and even Halloween night, what can’t these accessories do?