Faux Fur Festival Boa -7 Colours

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Whether you are channeling the goddess of pop Cher, or preparing for Burning Man this year, your outfit won’t be complete without a Faux Fur Festival Boa! Available in 7 colours, these soft featherless boas come in an original size and a super size. Made by the company Happy Boa these cruelty free accessories minimize MOOP (Matter Out of Place) at events, making them an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional feather boas. Also allergy free, these Faux Fur Boas are machine washable, ensuring you can wear yours for years to come! Ultra-fine microfibers are used to prevent catching and pulling of the skin whole being worn, and each boa is tightly woven to provide a durable and lint free accessory.

Why not look as fabulous as you feel and wear a Faux Fur Festival Boa to your next event! Also a great addition to your portrayal of Elton John, or add to your cabaret costume for extra flare!