Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Skin Suit Costume

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Snake Eyes G.I. Joe costume includes:

  • Skin suit

Join in with the members of the elite group with this fun skin zentai suit of Snake Eyes, licensed from the G.I. Joes: A Real American Hero series. 

This Snake Eyes costume is a full-body jumpsuit that covers the hands, feet, and head. It’s got the design of the Snake Eye’s eye mask, belt and bandolier, arm band, and symbol of his ninja clan. Zentai suits are made breathable and with visibility for the hood. The suit zips up the back and stretches to fit the wearer.

Wear this Snake Eyes costume for Halloween, a convention, with other GI Joe characters or this would make an awesome outfit for a festival.

**Due to the intimate nature of the costume, this item can not be returned**