Deadpool 2nd Skin Suit Costume

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Deadpool 2nd Skin Adult Costume includes:

  • Deadpool full-body jumpsuit

Part of Deadpool Classic collection.

*Note: Weapon accessories are sold separately.

What could be greater than a comic book character who knows he's a comic book character?

This Deadpool 2nd Skin costume is a flexible, yet comfortable, full body suit. The zipper in the back of the costume zips all the way up - or down - the full length. The attached hood allows for visibility and speaking, you can even drink through it! Some visibility might be lost in low-light situations, though, so keep that in mind. The colour of the jumpsuit is black and red and looks just like the costume worn by Ryan Reynolds in the film, Deadpool. Printed on the jumpsuit's hood are the black areas around the eyes with whited out eye marks. A black collar is printed over the neck. Also printed on the fabric of the jumpsuit is a silver harness with large red centre. Around the waist of the Deadpool 2nd Skin Adult costume is a printed belt. Brown pouches with silver snap buttons appear on this belt, along with the Deadpool logo in the centre. Numerous locations on the 2nd Skin jumpsuit feature brown straps, harnesses with buckles and clasps. Brown pouches adorn the left leg while a holster and knife can be found on the right leg.

This costume is a great option for someone who wants to get a full Deadpool look without adding too many accessories. The Deadpool 2nd Skin Adult costume is perfect for a Halloween party or expo cosplay!