Sexy Corset Robin Superhero Costume

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Robin costume includes:

  • Corset with removable garters and clear bra straps
  • Skirt
  • Eyemask
  • Cape
  • Gauntlets

This Sexy Dynamic Duo Robin Costume is perfect for fighting crime with Batman.

The Robin costume comes complete with a shiny green foil fabic skirt and matching gauntlets. A yellow satin-like cape Velcro’s around the neck with a R on the choker. The corset is stretchy and has two adjustable lines of hook and eye closures in the back. There is a Black Robin emblem on the left breast and yellow detailing and boning on the corset. Yellow ruffles trim the top and bottom of the corset which also has black removable garters.

This Robin costume is great for Halloween and superhero parties. Great for group themes and pairing up with Batman!