Sexy Black 50's Forever Costume

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The Sexy Black 50s Forever Costume includes:

  • Top
  • Leggings
  • Jacket
  • Belt


Time to rat your hair, drink, swear, smoke cigarettes and go with a boy or two, once you’ve dressed down in this bad girl outfit from the fabulous 1950s. You’re no good, the neighborhood thinks you’re trashy and you tease all the guys, but you look blazing hot! And what does it matter anyway? You’ve got your girl gang to back you up, every time!

The short sleeveless costume shirt fits warm to your form, featuring a folded top neckline and waist-hugging hem. Elasticized spandex-like leggings give a shiny and bold look, for showing off your gorgeous legs. The stretchy belt fits around your waist with a gold buckle. It’s all topped off with a jacket that matches the pants, sporting a baby pink pleated cloth collar and hem, pink zipper and sassy “50s Forever” logo in white, black and pink. You’re snazzed up and ready to rumble in this dream garment collection.

Don’t put up a fight, suit up for Halloween night and get your girls to suit up with you. Or show up for a 50s party night and put the girls in their conventional poodle girl suits to shame. There are worse things you could do … but you’ll decide where you draw the line.