Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

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The Ladies Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Arm Covers
  • Wig

This costume ensemble of the character Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas features a gown, arm bands, and a ragdoll style wig! You’ll need to look your best when you next run in Jack Skellington!

This patchwork style costume is colorful and comfortable, using a myriad of different shades to create a stand out look! The dress includes printed a-symmetrical and uneven sections in a yellow, magenta, black, and teal. Some printed patterns in black create dots, stripes, and swirls on select sections, and in between the sections there are lines separating them to resemble stitching. The backside of the gown is a solid pink shade with Velcro tabs to secure the costume on the individual’s body. A matching light teal covers the majority of the included gauntlets, of which are also covered in fake printed stitching to create the characters pieced together appearance. Lastly, the red wig is made out of yarn like strands creating a classic doll aesthetic.

As a humanoid ragdoll, your life under the watchful eye of your creator Finklestein isn’t always the most exciting! When wearing the Ladies Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume you can seek our your crush, Jack Skellington, and take off on an adventure of a lifetime! Wear this costume out to cartoon or Halloween themed parties and events and have the night of your life! For a cool group ensemble grab some of the other Nightmare Before Christmas costumes and get your friends set up!