Oogie Boogie Hanging Prop 36 inch | The Nightmare Before Christmas | Decor

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Add a touch of spooky charm to your space with our Oogie Boogie Hanging Prop – a 36-inch delight straight from the world of Nightmare Before Christmas! This prop isn't just a decoration – it's your 'boogie-licious' way to embrace the eerie essence of Oogie Boogie himself. With a design that's as 'playfully sinister' as it is captivating, this hanging prop will have you feeling like you're in Tim Burton's universe. Whether you're creating a themed display or adding a dash of 'nightmare magic' to your décor, our Oogie Boogie Hanging Prop is the ultimate choice. Don't miss your chance to let the mischievous spirit of Nightmare Before Christmas flourish – grab this prop and let the haunting fun commence!