Elmo Plush Mascot Prestige Sesame Street

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The Prestige Sesame Street Plush Elmo Mascot includes:

  • Pull-on Mascot Head
  • Jumpsuit

This two piece mascot costume is super soft and fuzzy, making you comfortable and warm while you parade around! The mask is partially stuffed and includes large white eyes with black pupils, a large orange nose, and a wide open smile. The smile has a cover of black mesh which allows the wearer to see out and move around normally while suited up. The matching body suit is made out of the same soft red fluffy fabric, and simply covers the arms and legs up to the wrist and ankles.

As a classic childhood fan favourite, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get surrounded by nostalgic fans while wearing the Prestige Sesame Street Plush Elmo Mascot costume! This wonderful ensemble is perfect for kids birthday parties, themed events and parties, or even walking around at your next local Comic Expo! For an even more memorable entrance why not pair this Elmo outfit with one of our other Sesame Street costume and watch smiles spread when you step into the room!